Challenge: Design without Photoshop!

I love the peace of turning off my phone. Shutting out everything and just being in the moment where I am; not thinking about the next email, who’s going to call me, whether my last post got a like, checking my bank statement . . . simply living. So much of my work is digital; and don’t get me wrong I love it. Its so easy to design with, to quickly change an angle or create a new colour way, but I have found that I can get distracted by trying to make something perfect instead of enjoying the design because of how imperfect it is. So, when I get overwhelmed by technology I step away from the computer I pick up my paint brush and start scribbling, mark-making, mess-making and find the same

Alice is a multi-award-winning designer, creating beautiful embroidery and embellishments for luxury Fashion and Interiors from her studio in Cornwall.

Writing about design, inspiration and adventures, art how-tos, freelance living and all things textiles!


Harrods’s Art Partner, IPSE’s National Freelancer of the Year award winner and New Designer’s Wilcom Embroidery Graduate

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