Stressed? . . . Me too!

Ever felt like your like your life hasn't got the perfect filter . . . Social Media, Stress and Freelance . . . The Reality I've been running #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram and a really interesting topic popped up 'Achievements.' It got me thinking how often I compare the beautiful and wonderful life of social media - perfectly filtered and choerographed - to my own. As a designer it is incredibly hard not to judge how well you are doing from the 'achievements' of your contemporaries, and even easier to forget your own! Recently I had been getting overwhelmingly stressed with life, work, design, finances you name it I was stressed about it. To the point where I couldn't see why I was desig

Meet the Maker

March Meet the Maker! Instagram is running a meet the maker month and I thought you might also like a little insight as to who I am - I'll be updating everyday (or attempting to) this month and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do! DAY 1: #marchmeetthemaker So, you may have guesed my name is Alice! I graduated 3 years ago from textile design, @falmouthuni and have been freelancing since . . . I am however, still waiting to feel like a grownup! I grew up in Birmingham, lived in London, Spent time in New York and have Landed in Cornwall - which has left me with a slightly strange Australian-sounding accent . . . I have never been to Australia . . . I love music, dancing and a good walk

Alice is a multi-award-winning designer, creating beautiful embroidery and embellishments for luxury Fashion and Interiors from her studio in Cornwall.

Writing about design, inspiration and adventures, art how-tos, freelance living and all things textiles!


Harrods’s Art Partner, IPSE’s National Freelancer of the Year award winner and New Designer’s Wilcom Embroidery Graduate

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