Tips: Using Maderia Super Twist

Ever worked with the extra sparkly Maderia Super Twist thread? It’s abit of a nightmare thread if I’m completely honest! It lives up to its name and has an incredible ability to twist up on itself, break and matt up, completely jamming your machine. So these are my top tips to using the Super Twist! Firstly slow down your machine to 500-700 rpm – as the thread is a 2-ply twisted thread it has a tendency to snap on you, slowing down give the 2-twisted threads to think about life! Second – try changing your needle to a 90#14 needle Thirdly – Play with your tension, have abit of patience and alter all the nozzles so that your thread is happy – this is great if you are working on a long-te

Matching Set!

A little Matchy-matchy makes us feel all kinds of fancy! – River Island We agree, there is nothing quite so satisfying as having a beautiful purse and bag combo matching – have a look at our Clutch Bag and Coin Purse ranges and match up your favourite patterns. Or Maybe you’re a little more adventurous – break the mould and pick out your treasures – it has been know that opposite attract! Alice x Find your Porthmeor Clutch Bag and Purse here!

The Loop Clutch

Something a little different! For this clutch bag I really wanted to have a bag without plastic, metal clips and magnetic clasps. So after a lot of playing and researching we came up with the idea of using the handle as the closing mechanism – a two-part leather strap that interlocks and when worn, the weight of the contents and with a little assistance from gravity pull the handles closed. Snazzy! I have worn this bag to a couple of weddings already and have to admit I love how different it is from the standard shape, meaning . . . I can dance like a loon, swing my bag over my head and it stays tightly shut, keeping my treasures safe. So what do you think, like the different style?

The Envelope Bag

Inspiration! I love a good Bag - even better I love a beautiful bag with a Mary Poppins capacity! With 10 weddings to attend this year, I quickly realised I needed to up my accessories game. I have to admit I’m always surprised how much you need to carry at a wedding: phone, wallet, tissues, mascara, lipstick, an inhaler . . . In my case as my lungs hate flowers! So this is where we started with the envelope bag. Inspired by the simple and gorgeous shape of an envelope closure, this bag has expanding side-panels and magnetic clasp which allows it to be filled with all the essentials and still look great! Practical, but still cute! I love this bag because of its classic shape, and for me t

Alice is a multi-award-winning designer, creating beautiful embroidery and embellishments for luxury Fashion and Interiors from her studio in Cornwall.

Writing about design, inspiration and adventures, art how-tos, freelance living and all things textiles!


Harrods’s Art Partner, IPSE’s National Freelancer of the Year award winner and New Designer’s Wilcom Embroidery Graduate

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