Some-Body to your Body

Did you know we’ve been working with brides to fit, alter and make their wedding dress feel absolutely amazing for their big day! A good fitting dress can transform the way you look and feel on your wedding day, above all we recommend to have your dress fitted. You don’t need to lose ten pounds to look fabulous, sometimes you just need a properly fitted dress to look stunning and feel great. I love good wedding and helping out where I can, give the studio a call and let’s see what we can do for you! Alice xx

Lanhydrock Lampshade

A New Arrival to our Illuminations Collection - The Lanhydrock Lampshade. A unique design made in cotton with raised satin-stitch embroidery, and a beautifully designed stitch to replicated the traditional technique of Kantha. Inspired by one of the most amazing ladies and her wedding dress - Read more about the story behind the Lampshade - 'What to do with you Wedding Dress after the BIG Day' I hope you like the new design! Alice x

What do you do with your Wedding Dress after the big day?!

The sun was shining. The flowers smelt amazing. You looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle towards the love of your life, your wedding was the best day of your life! . . . 30 years on, several house moves under the belt, 4 Children grown up and married and your beautiful dress is still kept neatly in the box at the back of your wardrobe . . . So what do you do with your dress after the big day? Jo decided it was time to take her dress out again and have a little fun! “Lampshades! I would like to turn my dress into lampshades!” Using the gorgeous silk from the train of Jo’s Wedding dress we decided to make a set of Embroidered Lampshades – In the design of Lanhy

Alice is a multi-award-winning designer, creating beautiful embroidery and embellishments for luxury Fashion and Interiors from her studio in Cornwall.

Writing about design, inspiration and adventures, art how-tos, freelance living and all things textiles!


Harrods’s Art Partner, IPSE’s National Freelancer of the Year award winner and New Designer’s Wilcom Embroidery Graduate

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