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The Alice Bag Workshop

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

After an amazing day on our first workshop making the ‘Alice Bag’ I can truly say I’m shattered!

Starting off a gentle morning with a cuppa tea we headed straight into cutting the bag pattern from scratch. Piecing the front, base, lining and top fabric together . . . at which point I realised I had given the ladies 9” extra of lining fabric . . . but brilliantly one of ladies came up with the idea of turning the excess fabric into a pocket! And Volia an even more beautiful bag lining was born!

We then moved onto stitching the fabric and leather handles into place . . . this is a complicated technique which involves a lot of patience, finger needle stabbing and a healthy amount of swearing . . . but over all has a gorgeous professional finish. From there it was a simple case of creating a corner box pleat and turning the fabric and sewing the top line to finish. I have to say I am so proud of these ladies and the bags they have created, they are all so individual and professional looking! I hope you enjoyed the class Girls!

We are thinking of running a couple more classes, making a whole range of items. What do you think, keen to join in with some fun? Best Alice x

Looking Good Ladies!

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