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New Year, New Designs

Keep an eye out for something a little different this year, we’re changing things up and experimenting with a few ideas and products!

My favourite so far - bearing in mind it is Day 21 of 2018 – we have released this gorgeous design ‘Sten-an-Cober’ or more simply called Copper. A digitally embroidered fabric made with multi-layer stitching. The design has been inspired by the stunning rock formations found over at Godrevy Beach, Cornwall. It has over 70 different components that make up this highly textural design., and on an average 16” cushion it will take up to 3 hours of stitching with 3500m of thread, just to make this beauty! I hope you like it as much as I do, let me know what you think! Alice x To find out more about Copper please drop us an email – I always like a good chat -


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