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Stressed? . . . Me too!

Ever felt like your like your life hasn't got the perfect filter . . . Social Media, Stress and Freelance . . . The Reality

I've been running #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram and a really interesting topic popped up 'Achievements.' It got me thinking how often I compare the beautiful and wonderful life of social media - perfectly filtered and choerographed - to my own. As a designer it is incredibly hard not to judge how well you are doing from the 'achievements' of your contemporaries, and even easier to forget your own!

Recently I had been getting overwhelmingly stressed with life, work, design, finances you name it I was stressed about it. To the point where I couldn't see why I was designing in a cold shed, by myself, in the middle of nowhere Cornwall - but then it struck me:

I design because I love it.

I work for myself, so that when a friend pops over with her pup I can go for a walk . . . In gorgeous Cornwall.

I am a freelance designer, so that I can be free to live my life how I want.

Life is hard and although not the always the root social media dosen't help! So if your feeling as helpless as I was embrace the first step: take a moment to breath - don't be afraid to take time out, stop what your are doing and really work out what you want. Our western society is so geared towards celebrating extraordinary achievements, everything must be glorified and amplified to unreachable levels but sometimes the greatest achievements are the quietest - simply acknowledging you need space to catch a breath, and to be honest with your self.

Most importantly, in my realising I wasn't alone in stress, talking to people understanding the real life and not believing the perfect 'posted' life was a huge step, I am still learning not to compare myself, and to know that I am doing well in life, I have achieved great things and the hardest of all to accept compliments! Together we can work out life, and I would love to know your stories and how you are doing it! Alice x


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