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The Envelope Bag

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


I love a good Bag - even better I love a beautiful bag with a Mary Poppins capacity!

With 10 weddings to attend this year, I quickly realised I needed to up my accessories game. I have to admit I’m always surprised how much you need to carry at a wedding: phone, wallet, tissues, mascara, lipstick, an inhaler . . . In my case as my lungs hate flowers! So this is where we started with the envelope bag.

Inspired by the simple and gorgeous shape of an envelope closure, this bag has expanding side-panels and magnetic clasp which allows it to be filled with all the essentials and still look great!

Practical, but still cute! I love this bag because of its classic shape, and for me the embroidery design is an added bonus. With its simplicity it can compliment your wedding guest outfit or your casual night with the girls!

So what do you think?

Alice x



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