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Challenge: Design without Photoshop!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I love the peace of turning off my phone. Shutting out everything and just being in the moment where I am; not thinking about the next email, who’s going to call me, whether my last post got a like, checking my bank statement . . . simply living. So much of my work is digital; and don’t get me wrong I love it. Its so easy to design with, to quickly change an angle or create a new colour way, but I have found that I can get distracted by trying to make something perfect instead of enjoying the design because of how imperfect it is. So, when I get overwhelmed by technology I step away from the computer I pick up my paint brush and start scribbling, mark-making, mess-making and find the same peace as turning off my phone. In these moments I don’t worry about the end result but more often than not the imagery - the design - is more interesting and exciting than sitting at the computer. So this is my challenge to you, design without Photoshop, without technology. Get our your pencil and paper and see what happens . . . find the beauty in the peace and the brilliance of slowing down. Alice x

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