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Tips: Using Maderia Super Twist

Ever worked with the extra sparkly Maderia Super Twist thread? It’s abit of a nightmare thread if I’m completely honest! It lives up to its name and has an incredible ability to twist up on itself, break and matt up, completely jamming your machine. So these are my top tips to using the Super Twist! Firstly slow down your machine to 500-700 rpm – as the thread is a 2-ply twisted thread it has a tendency to snap on you, slowing down give the 2-twisted threads to think about life! Second – try changing your needle to a 90#14 needle

Thirdly – Play with your tension, have abit of patience and alter all the nozzles so that your thread is happy – this is great if you are working on a long-term project

Finally – Put a cup on it! No joke, go to the back of your cup dig out a paper/plastic cup, punch a small pin hole through the top and thread up your machine like normal – as ridiculous as it sounds this is by far the best method working with super twist as it smooths out the twist thread, it is less likely to break on you!

I hope this helps – let me know if you find any good tricks to working with Maderia Super Twist! Alice x


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